This year’s KCSE results for secondary education were released today. The 2015 KCSE Results for the students who sat for their exams in 2014 have been released this morning by the Cabinet Secretary for Education at mitihani house.  Many parents and students were not able to watch the results released live following the digital migration confusion that has seen many households in Kenya switched off from watching TV.  65% male 36% ladies. Male candidates out performed Ladies candidates in last years examinations. The need to follow tertiary education was emphasized by the minister. He shared that there is no good result, even students who scored E can start from certificate, craft certificates, diploma  through vocational education. 

Analysis of 2014 KCSE performance
There was improvement from 15 out of 31 subjects compared to 12 out of 41. Some of them are English, geography, chemistry, power mechanics, drawing and design. As a nation the government emphasize the need to nature talents. The government noted the need for foreign languages and designers who the government pay a lot of money to outsiders.

Factors that are responsible of the decline on key subjects in 2014 KCSE
1.       Teacher related factors
2.       Friendly school environment
3.       Students related factors
4.       Parents related factors

The mister appealed to the parents to take the education of their children serious as they are important. Many parents fail to attend school functions and the minister appealed to them to leave their business to attend to invitation to the schools to monitor their children’s performance. 

There were decline in 10 subjects during 2014 KCSE
·         Mathematics Alternative A
·         Physics
·         Aviation technology
·         Basic studies
These are some of the poor performing subjects in the last examinations 

Performance by gender (ladies performed better in these subjects)
1.       English
2.       Kiswahili
3.       CRE
4.       Home science, home and designs

Performance of candidates with special needs
180,000 of 190,000 managed grade C+ and above, 5 candidates attaining mean grade of A plane and 14 attaining mean grade of A- This confirms that disability is not inability. The children need a chance.

Examination irregularities
Despite the strict measures and the reduction of examination irregularities there was 22% decrease in the number of candidates involved in examination irregularities in 2014.2410 candidates colluded amongst themselves to cheat during the exams. 149 caught with mobile phones in the examination used to pass messages.

County schools and sub-county lead in cheating and 5 national schools were involved in examination irregularities. "Some head teachers were wt the forefront of perpetuating this vice" Says the minister during the release of the 2014 KCSE examination results.

These Counties had no cases of examination irregularities

Taita taveta
tana river

More examinations results for 2015 KCSE can be found on the knec website. by kying the index number or through sms to 22252

285,500 students sat for the KNEC exams for 2014.

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