What to wear to the interview

I believe by now you have finished to practice answering interview questions. If so, then It’s now time to get your interview clothes ready. Don’t be a last minute person. Make sure you always have an interview cloth ready at all times. This will help you from wondering around on what to wear. You can waste a lot of time looking for the right cloth to wear until you get late. I would advice that you ensure the cloth is always ready all the time. So that what called upon you are good to go. 

How to Prepare for an Interview
Do not discriminate on any job. Always wear neat clothes irrespective of the job you are going to be interviewed on. The first impression counts. Remember if you are going for a professional executive position interview, dress appropriately in executive wear.

If you are attending a job interview for a casual job like in a hotel or stores. It’s important to be presentable and neat. Make sure you have an impressive image that the employer will like.

Where to go

It’s important to check in advance the direction to the interview. Google maps can be handy while looking for locations. If you are driving GPS can be handy too, make sure you check on the parking if it’s an issue especially in bigger cities. Sometimes it’s good to drive to the location prior to the interview. It will assist you manage your time well.

What to Carry to a Job Interview

How to Prepare for an Interview
Now that you know what to wear to the interview, it’s important for you to know what to carry to a job interview. 

Make sure you carry a clean and decent portfolio or folder containing copies of you job application documents like resume, copies of your certificates etc. Remember what not to bring to an interview like mobile phone, drinks, chewing gum etc. 

 Practice Interview good manners

How to Prepare for an Interview
Interview good manners are important. It won’t cost you anything to greet people in the company like the receptionist, interviewer and anyone else including the interview panel. Greet them politely with joy. Remember your body language during the interview, make sure you are points come out well, you are audible enough, you make good eye contact, and shake hands steadily.
Make sure you have a great posture, relax and lean a bit to the front towards the interview panel to make you look enthusiastic and engaged. Always keep your feet on the floor and your back against the lower back of the chair. Then pay attention, be attentive, and look interested. Remember that the more positive impression you make, the better you'll do during the job interview.

How to create a positive impression during the interview

How to Prepare for an Interview
Be a good listener during the job interview because if you don’t listen well and pay attention you won’t be able to give good answers. 
Try as much as possible to engage the interviewer, seize this opportunity to build a relationship with the interviewer instead of just answering questions.
Just before you finish, make the interviewer know that you actually fit in this job and you are interested in taking the job.

How to conduct follow up

You can always conduct job interview follow up with a thank you note enforcing your interest in the job.
Follow up a job interview with a thank you note reiterate your interest in the job. You can look at you thank you note as a “sales” letter. This will enable you share your competence and other things that makes you the most suitable person for the job.

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