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Phone Interviews: Some Jobs in Kenya nowadays are done through telephone interviews that have become a common tool for narrowing down the candidate pool, especially when hiring managers have a large number of applicants who look similar on paper. Phone interviews can be tricky, though, because you can't make eye contact or observe the interviewer's body language. 

These tips can help: 
Use a land line. It's more professional to use a land line when answering a call from a hiring manager for a phone interview. It demonstrates that you've made an effort to carve out a special time and place for the call, and you'll have a better connection. 
Observe quiet. Do your best to remove all distractions and background noise, such as barking dogs, the sound of kids playing, ringing cell phones and door bells. 
Refer to notes. Keep notes at your fingertips and jot things down as the interviewer talks. Also, have some questions of your own ready to ask the employer for the job opportunities. 
Speak clearly. Make sure your interviewer can hear you plainly. Speak directly into your phone or headset and let him or her finish speaking before you respond. 
Smile! This may sound like odd advice, but if you smile when you respond, you'll come across as more energetic and positive. Some people even suggest putting a mirror in front of you to help you remember to smile and be engaging. This has helped many land into their dream jobs and careers.
Follow up. Send a note thanking the interviewer and reiterating your key points. 
In-Person Interviews for Jobs in Kenya
Once you're fortunate enough to land an in-person interview, it's essential to understand the main hiring considerations from your interviewer's perspective. These include: 
Can you do the job? Interviewers want to know if you have the ability to handle the basic responsibilities of the role. They're interested in the skills you have and your relevant work experience. 
Do you really want the job? Companies want to hire someone who is genuinely enthusiastic about the opportunity. Your attitude and the questions you ask will indicate the sincerity of your interest and how motivated you are to land the position. 

Will you fit in? An employer wants to gain a sense of how well you'd fit in with the corporate culture. Be yourself and let your personality shine through. 

Common Jobs in Kenya Interview Mistakes

Recognizing some of the most common interviewing "don'ts" can help you present a favorable and honest picture of your skills and experience. Here are some frequent mistakes and how to avoid them: 
Don't skip researching the company. Our research found the biggest mistake applicants make in interviews is not knowing enough about the firm. Check out local business journals, tap members of your network for their insights and work with a recruiter who can offer additional information. 
Don't let nerves undercut communication skills. Keep your responses to interview questions concise. When asked a question, take a deep breath, pause and collect your thoughts before you begin to speak. Avoid verbal crutches (e.g., "um," "like," "uh") and refrain from making jokes or discussing controversial subjects. 
Don't exaggerate your interest or qualifications. While it's important to express enthusiasm for the position, candidates who answer every question with upbeat eagerness may come across as insincere. Also avoid overstating your qualifications. 

Don't be negative. Avoid disparaging comments regarding former employers, colleagues and companies. Also stay away from self-deprecating comments, which do not support a positive image or demonstrate

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