NGO jobs in Kenya are some of the most sought jobs in Kenya. I think it’s because NGO jobs in Kenya are flexible and have good remuneration. You know jobs are difficult to come by in Kenya.  One of the most paying jobs in Kenya is NGO Jobs.  Kenya is currently facing challenges of employment. It’s one of the countries with high unemployment rates.  What is an NGO? NGO stands for Non Governmental Organization. Most of these organizations usually have their mother organizations or headquarters abroad, either in Europe, America or Australia. They normally give staff a lot of career development opportunities. They also invest in staff training and their staff often attend workshops and seminars locally and abroad.

How to get NGO Jobs in Kenya?

As we all know that NGO Jobs are difficult to find in Kenya. We have to be creative to get into this lucrative job market segment that everyone wants to work in. I will share with you a few tips that i have seen work for many looking for NGO jobs in Kenya. If you follow these tips and tricks, you can start from the bottom to top within few years. You know Kenya’s job market is marred with tribalism and nepotism. These tips will help you get your dream NGO Job in Kenya.  

Now let’s see how to get that NGO jobs in Kenya. Identify about 3 NGOs which you would like to work for then apply to work as a volunteer free of charge. During your voluntary period, make sure you are punctual at work, you work well, dress well and above all embrace teamwork. After a few months you will be one of the staff the organization cannot do without. Since NGOs are dynamic, they tend to implement projects that expand due to demand, opportunity will arise and Bam! You will be able to be absorbed in as a permanent staff and start your NGO Jobs in Kenya.  

I am talking from experience as someone who started working as a volunteer in an NGO and ended up as a Manager in 5 years. This tips are real, you need to be patient, dedicated, focused persistent and hard working. Now go get your NGO jobs in Kenya today.

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NGO Jobs in Kenya

NGO Jobs in Kenya

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