After sitting in many job interviews and seeing potential employees fail interviews due to lack of preparation, i decided to write this article on how to prepare for an Interview. I know many of you are wondering whether this question is important. Trust me; this is one of the most crucial step in getting a job.

How to prepare for a job interview?

If  you have a job interview coming soon, I would urge you to take some time and look at these tips and advice on how to prepare for an interview so you that you can top the interview, impress your employer (interviewer) and land your dream job

On this article you will find great tips on analyzing the job advert and ensuring the hiring company finds you as a good match, researching and understanding the company, rehearsing for interview, what to wear and what to bring to the interview, how to create a positive impression during the interview, and how to conduct follow up.

Analyze the job advert!

How to Prepare for an Interview
How to Prepare for an Interview
We all know and its common knowledge that you will be asked a couple of questions during the job interview. Therefore you should remember to take your time to review the job advert or any other relevant documents related to the job. Its imperatively important that you understand what the firm is looking for in you as a candidate for the job. 

Next, i would advise you to outline the skills, knowledge, professional and personal qualities that are required by the employer and are important for you to get the job.

Match your qualifications to the job

How to Prepare for an Interview
Once you have developed a list and outlined the qualifications for the job, make a list of your strengths and match them to the job requirements. Always refer to the job advert.
Now create a list of up to 10 strengths, as well as skills, certifications, experiences, professional qualifications and abilities, computer skills, and knowledge areas. This is what you will share with the interview panel. 

Remember, your strengths should link directly with the skills and abilities required by the company you are seeking employment from.

Do a quick review of your list, and the job requirements, before the interview so that you're ready to share them easily during the interview.

Research and Understand the company

interview research
Before attending the job interview, take your time and gather enough information about the company as much as you can. This is also very important for your interview preparation.  This is will enable you know the company well and whether you can work there with ease. It will also assist you answer the questions well as well as ask the company relevant questions during interview.

 Sometimes you can be lucky to find someone you know who works there or someone who once worked there who can give you some tips. Always check out your contacts and friends because they can give you assistance that will give you advantage over other candidates.

Rehearsal for interview

How to Prepare for an Interview
Rehearsal for interview
You need to spend some little time to practice answering interview questions. This is very important because you do not want to fumble during interview and start sweating. Rehearsal for interview will help you compose yourself on the hot interview seat and calm your nerves in order to answer the questions effectively. Feel free to invite a friend or a family member for this exercise because this will make things easier before the actual interview.

How to Prepare for an Interview - end part 1

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