I will assume that by now you know how to write cover letters, resumes, and job applications.  Now let me share 10 Best Job Interview Tips that will guide you once you start receiving job interview invites. 

Our center of attention will be on the 10 Best Job Interview Tips for job-seekers.

10 Best Job Interview Tips for Job-Seekers


10 Best Job Interview Tips

Take your time and do a background check and gather as much information as possible on the employer or the hiring firm. You will find it easy to respond well to job interview questions when you have solid background information about the hiring company.
This is where your success will start from; understanding the job position requirements, employer etc.

Rehearse Common Interview Questions and Prepare answers

Once you get enough information about the organization, you will know the kind of interview to expect. You need to gather interview information whether it will be phone interview, lunch interview, group interview etc. This will enable you prepare appropriately and get the right answers in place as detailed as possible. It’s wise not to memorize interview answers but to build up good talking points.

Dress to impress

10 Best Job Interview Tips
10 Best Job Interview Tips
It’s always wise to have a special cloth ready in your wardrobe for interviews.

Make sure you dress for success by putting on the cloth that fit the organization belief and culture.

Dress as professional as possible.

Don’t overdress or overdo your makeup and jewellery.  

Dont take any biting or smoke prior to the interview as particles might end up getting stuck on you teeth during the interview.

Keep time

Make sure you arrive on time for the interview; this can be 10 to 15 minutes prior. Arriving early for an interview will enable you settle and prepare your paper work in advance. Arriving early will also help you have a good feel of the place and have enough time for anything that might need your attention. You can also use this extra time to go to the washroom and check your dressing on the mirror once more.

First Impression counts

Make sure you greet everyone you interact with politely from the receptionist to other people including the interviewer. Have a positive attitude and be enthusiastic about the job. This is important as the employer can easily notice you from your first impression.

Be real

Be a good listener during the interview as this will help you respond well to the questions being asked. Be focused and authentic during the interview process. Show how your skills will fit into the job and the company. Answer the questions well and mentioning what the employer wants to hear, proving yourself as the most suitable candidate for the job.

Body language

10 Best Job Interview Tips
10 Best Job Interview Tips
Your CV might be impressive and you might as well be articulating your points well but your body language needs to compliment this. You need to look engaged and interested by sitting straight with your back firmly on the chair leaning forward towards the interviewer. Make sure your foot touches down. Remember to smile, nod, make eye contact and be enthusiastic. 

Quck job interview tips: Don’t play with your pen, look down a lot, tap your feet, chew gum or anything that might make you look nervous or not interested.

Sell yourself

Sell yourself by showing what you know. When talking about your skills and experience try and match the company requirements or rather what the company is looking for. 

Showcase how you fit into the department and the organization. 

Do Follow Up

Thank the employer/interviewer.  As you have learnt from the initial process courtesy is key. Therefore make sure you send a thank you note reiterating your interest in the position. 

Quck job interview tips: Writing a thank you note or email is not an automatic Job Lander but it will give you advantage over the other candidates.

I hope you found this 10 Best Job Interview Tips for Job-Seekers useful. 

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